Deep-sea fishing trips to FLADEN and other hot fishing spots from Varberg. Fishingtours from Gothenburg during spring and fall. And daytrips to the Danish islands Anholt and Laesö from Varberg

Welcome aboard the FALKSKÄR II, the largest fishing vessel in Varberg and join us in deep-sea fishing at the famous reefs off the Halland coast! Welcome also aboard the new TUNACLIPPER, our fast boat (around 18 knots, 25 peak) where we reach further out in the sea and/or more time to fish!

Fish for Mackerel, Cod, Catfish, Spurdog, Whiting, Ling and several other species on the hotspot reefs Fladen, Lilla Middelgrund, Groves Flack plus several others. Our large vessel FALKSKÄR II, which is approved for 48 passengers, offers ample space on deck for fishing and plenty of seats along with a very calm behaviour in the seas. Our newest vessel, the TUNACLIPPER takes 12 passengers and due to its speed (around 20 knots, 27 knots peak) is very suitable for fishing on old ship wrecks, where often big fishes can be found.

Aboard the FALKSKÄR II and TUNACLIPPER, everybody can catch fish even if you are a novice. Our highly skilled and experienced Skippers along with their service-minded crew will do their utmost to guide you, providing service and fishing tips. Fishing equipment is available for rent.

Daytrips to the Danish inslands Anholt and Laesö from Varberg. See

Fishing trips from Varberg:

Duration Tour/Reef (F=Falkskär-II; TC=Tunaclipper) Departure Arrival
8 hours Fladen (F) 07:00 (08:00 October-March) 15:00 (16:00 October-March)
8 hours Fladen+ (TC) 08:30 16:30
10-12 hours Fladen++ (TC) 07:30 (Fridays summertime) 17:30-19:30
5 hours Middelgrund (F) 15:30 (From Midsummer, July, August) 20:30
5 hours Middelgrund+ (TC) 17:00 (From Midsummer, July, August) 22:00
4 hours Sunset tour (TC) 18:00 (Mon,Wed,Sun From Midsummer, July, August) 22:00

Please check trip departure dates by phone or e-mail

Mandatory to make a reservation in advance. It is also required that you contact us in front of the trip to check if it can depart; bad sea weather forecasts and number of reservations might cancel the trip.

For further information and Ticket reservation
  • Preferably by Email (see bottom of page)
  • Booking/Ticket office (open during season): +46 340 125 30
  • Head office: +46 340 140 95
  • 'Rolands Cafe' situated in Varberg Harbor, immediately next to the Fortress and our boat docking site (Map)

Check-in to your fishing trip is done at 'Rolands Cafe' (Map) 1-0,5 hours in front of the trip.
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